FAA Says to Extinguish a Lithium Fire First

Kent Faith

November 17, 2016

Right now the gadget of the industry is the advent of the fire containment bag. Let me very quickly explain how I think they are being miss applied, based on FAA advisory.

FAA documents state unequivocally that the use of a Fire containment bag should only be used post fire and that the lithium fires must be extinguished     first:

More to the point AC 20-42D says the following:

”Crew members should be trained not to use fire resistant burn bags to isolate burning Lithium batteries. Transferring a burning appliance into a burn     bag may be extremely hazardous.”

The containment devices sold and distributed by a number of companies are excellent for post fire containment of a PED after extinguishing.

Three important FACTS:

  • The FAA says not to use or even train for the use of a burn bag.
  • The FAA acknowledges the use of an Aqueous based fire extinguishing agent and Firebane is the only one in the world
  • None of the bags extinguish a fire. A flight attendant cannot handle a 1500° F laptop on fire.