SpectrumFX announces new joint relationship with Aircare International

Kent Faith

July 1, 2015

SpectrumFX announced today that it would begin offering the Aircare FireSock™ as part of its aircraft safety product line to combat in-flight lithium battery fires in any Personal Electronic Devises (PED’s) for business and commercial aircraft.

The company will sell the FireSock manufactured by Aircare International, the system includes the FireSock™ containment bag, heat resistant gloves and a resealable storage container. SpectrumFX currently produces the LIFE Kit®, which includes a biodegradable, non-toxic, class-D fireextinguishing agent called Firebane®. Firebane is proven to extinguish class-D reactive metal fires in multiple applications and is more effective than water at cooling a lithium battery pack that has gone into a dangerous overheating state known as thermal runaway.

The LIFE Kit is used in conjunction with the FAA recommended procedures for handling lithium battery fires in portable electronic devices on the aircraft.

SpectrumFX’s CEO Kent Faith, a 25 year internationally rated commercial airline pilot with a US air carrier states; “We have produced the LIFE Kit for the past 3 years and have designed it to specifically work in conjunction with current FAA protocols in their SAFO 09013 and the FAA circular AC 120-80A. Our LIFE Kit is now recognized world-wide as the safest contingency for an on board fire caused by Lithium primary and Lithium-ion battery fires. Aircare International’s FireSock is a great addition to our product line that can be used during these procedures. The pairing of the Aircare FireSock and the SpectrumFX LIFE Kit with Firebane results in a total solution for aircraft operators that is not only highly-effective, but also cost-effective." As part of a co-distribution agreement both Aircare and SpectrumFX will offer the FireSock and LIFE Kit products as stand-alone packages, or as a combined package. LIFE Kits contain two 32 ounce containers of Firebane that can be applied to the portable electronic device. The FireSock contains a fireproof containment bag and protective gloves.

The Aircare FireSock and SpectrumFX LIFE Kits are currently flying on several major airlines.

About SpectrumFX, Inc.

SpectrumFX specializes in on board fire safety for both commercial aviation and professional auto racing world-wide. SpectrumFX is the leader in "green" fire extinguishing technology and is working with the FAA and other international agencies as they address today's complex fire safety challenges. To find out more, please visit http://www.spectrumfx.net.

About Aircare International

Aircare International specializes in medical, safety and emergency related training, services and products for business aviation. Aircare International products include Aircare FACTS® Training for crew member emergency procedures training; Aircare Crews® Staffing, providing a staffing solution for pilots and flight attendants; Aircare Access® Assistance, providing 24-7-365 tele-medical assistance and support services; and Majestic Aerotech, a part 145 repair station for medically related aerospace products. More information can be found at http://www.aircareinternational.com.